Our offer

              Welcome to the family hotel HOLIDAY*****   

                 Hotel nonstop / dog arrivals: Mon - Sun: 7:00 - 10:00 * School for dogs Mon - Sun: 7:00 - 19:00 * Capacity 5 dogs 

The facility serves both czech and international clients

Hotel HOLIDAY ***** is located in the picturesque landscape tourist area Pálava, in the village of Ivaň, 25 min by car from Brno, on the main route Brno - Vienna and 5 minutes by car from Aqualandia Moravia.

Accommodation for your dogs from Brno, rural areas of Brno, the South Moravia region or visitors to Pálava.

Furthermore, for all who go on a business trip, or on a ski holiday in winter, and in summer holiday to Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, or Hungary.

Last but not least for dogs traveling by plane with departures from Brno or Vienna.

We are also looking forward to all those who have rightly fallen in love with our hotel and will come to stay with their four-legged friends from no matter where.

Daily school for dogs

Our daily school has facilities for dogs of visitors to Pálava or Aqualandia Moravia and clients from Brno and Pálava who do not wish to leave their pets alone during the day.

Why choose our dog hotel?

We create a loving family environment for dogs with an individual approach and care to each of them. We do our best to make their arrival into a new environment as natural as possible. We make sure the dog enjoys the stay in our hotel.

New, clean and comfortable accommodation with a garden

Your dogs are accommodated in modern heated rooms on the ground floor of the house with the garden view. We provide 24-hour supervision and care, a regular diet according to their habits, the possibility of free-range movement, their own place for a quiet rest, regular feeding, walking, playing and fresh water constantly available. We accommodate dogs in private or in the company of other dogs according to the customer's wishes. We maintain the dogs as well as the environment, where they spend their time, clean and tidy.

Comfort without limits

The reception and all accommodation areas have barrier-free access, which is highly appreciated by small dogs, dogs with reduced mobility, or dogs who do not like stairs.

Large garden with paddock

 We have all the comforts available that can be enjoyed by dogs throughout the whole day and they can use it indefinitely during their stay. The aim is to entertain the dogs and provide them with a place to relax and play.

We know how important it is that the dog does not get bored, so we are constantly inventing a program full of games or cuddling for our school hotel guests. Walking takes place at least 4 times a day in the near park of 1000 m2 with wild places, where dogs can have fun. The area or our garden is fully fenced, so that your pets can stay safe within.

We treat our guests with a sensitive and professional approach.

During your dog's stay, we may send you brief information, including photos and videos. - this may be arranged by agreement.

Satisfaction of your pet is a priority for us!

  Conditions for acceptance

  • Dogs of small and medium sizes:

  • Clinically healthy, without external parasites and infectious diseases

  • Dogs with a valid vaccination for rabies and canine diseases (infectious hepatitis, parainfluenza and leptospirosis)

  • Dogs that are dewormed and free of internal and external parasites

  • Dogs that are equipped with a microchip from the 6th month (does not apply to

              puppies up to 6 months)

  • Dogs with injuries or chronic illness requiring care may be accepted by prior arrangement.

  • Dogs that have mastered the basic hygiene habits for the stainside the building

  • Tolerant dogs who are used to other dogs

  • We do not accept:

  •  fighting breeds and bull breeds, dobermans, shepherds, wolfhounds, wolves, great danes, aggressive unmanageable dogs and female dogs in heat

  • If the female dog starts to heat unexpectedly during the stay and it is not possible to pick her up, a surcharge of 100% from the day of the start of the heat will be added to the basic price for accommodation. This surcharge will be paid when the female dog is returned to the owner.

             Filling in the booking form

  • For new clients, the reservation of accommodation for dogs is also conditioned by a personal or telephone meeting.

  • Prior to the dog´s arrival, kindly prepare written information about what we should know: health, allergies, reactions, behavior, habits, what to watch out for, what to avoid, bad habits, etc ...

             What to Bring

  • certificate of vaccination

  • dog food for the duration of the stay, measuring cup, blanket or bed, favorite toys, treats. If your dog runs out of food during the stay we can offer: Czech fodder YOGGILS, or BEST CHOICE. The food price is listed in

              price list.

  • Collar or harness, leash, muzzle (if necessary)

             Do not Give to Dogs

  • Your clothes

  • bowls

  • toys (only in case you do not mind losing them)

             Arrival and Reception

Kindly reserve for us at least 10 minutes upon your arrival to complete the contract form and to describe in detail the characteristics and habits (including written information regarding the diet and needs of your pet).

Reception of your Dog Mon - Sun /7:00 am - 10:00 am/

Choose a check-in time from our offer:

7:00 am/ 7:30 am/ 8:00 am/ 8:30 am/ 9:00 am/ 9:30 am/ 10:00 am

For organizational and safety reasons, including the calm and active regime of the accommodated dogs, please bring your pet exactly at the agreed time. 

When visiting us, please calculate time reserves, including a possible delay on the way, or a delay of your flight.

If you manage to arrive in our village earlier, please, park on the square or at the nearby chapel and then come and park in front of our house exactly at the agreed pick-up time.

Our family hotel HOLIDAY***** is surrounded by beautiful nature from all sides, including rivers. You can use this opportunity and take a walk while waiting for your check-in time.

With the discipline of the check-in times, you help us create a healthy and pleasant climate, which is appreciated especially by your pets. Thank you.


Hotel HOLIDAY***** is located in the outskirts of the village of Ivan on the international bike path, and at the same time in a quiet, populated street, where children move around and people walk by with their dogs. Therefore, please keep your dog on a leash before getting out of the car. Ring the bell, which you will find in the right corner of the house before entering the garden. After ringing the bell, proceed below to the gate where we will meet you.

Strolling with dogs

Hotel HOLIDAY ***** is surrounded by beautiful nature where you can walk among the vineyards, along the river, to the local forests, or to the waterfall with a stone beach. All those places are in the proximity of our hotel and they also make an important European site of protected fauna and flora. Our dog guests are very satisfied and excited, especially from the ubiquitous and divers birds.

With us, your four-legged friend has all the comfort and care. The only thing he will miss is You. However, he will not have time to miss you for all the fun he is going to have here. 

                                                               We look forward to seeing you and your four-legged pets!